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Allison Lee is a licensed esthetician based in Michigan, who specializes in clearing acne and pigmentation correction. Her own battles with skin care are what brought her to pursue a career as an esthetician, and she has a passion for helping her patients solve their skin problems with gentle, all natural remedies. Her specialization in acne and pigmentation correction stems from her struggles with acne as a teenager and the complications she encountered when her daughter developed eczema as a child. She understands the toll and frustration that irritated skin can cause, and the difficulty in finding treatments that actually produce results. After years of unsuccessful treatments and researching various remedies, Allison discovered natural body butters and oils that helped heal her daughter’s skin. She started creating her own products, initially just for herself and friends and family, but it soon turned into small business. After a chance encounter with a customer who was an esthetician, she decided to enroll in esthetician school at L’esprit Academy and begin a professional career in skincare. She is now 4 years into her career, and focuses her practice on providing her clients with healthy and noninvasive treatments that produce long-lasting results. 

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